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YMMV / Up, Up and Away!

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  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • According to writer Dan Berendsen, earlier in the decade he had an interview with the Disney Channel, and was left insulted when they said he was 'wasting their time' and threw him out. He went home and angrily spent the next couple weeks penning the script for his idea of a kids film. A producer bought the script off of him, and needless to say, he was a little amused to see it air on the same channel that kicked him out.
    • At one point, Bronze Eagle is handed something by the arm of a rubber-man hero with familiar looking hair in a blue and white costume, to which he says, "Thanks, Reed.", a lawyer-friendly reference to Mister Fantastic. Nowadays, though? No lawyers need be consulted, since the House Of Mouse bought the House Of Ideas.
    • A couple years after this movie, Disney would make another movie about the son of a pair of superheroes who seemingly possesses no powers of his own, this time on the big screennote .
  • Special Effects Failure: The way Scott rigs a patio door to fly off its hinges when he opens it is unintentionally hilarious. Instead of being yanked back, the door just floats awkwardly to the side as though on wires, knocks over a barbecue lid, and then falls. Even Scott looks back at it for a moment as though baffled by what just happened.