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YMMV / Two Garnets and some Cherries with Cream

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  • Crosses the Line Twice
    • "Chapter 1 of ?":
    Narrator (Silver's side): "...this other national region he had never heard of before—Mask of Ice wasn't a master on geography, and he hadn't encouraged them to study it either..."
    • "Chapter 2 of ?": Sird's "flirty" Ditto.
    • "Chapter 3 of ?":
    Narrator (Silver's side): "Figure out a kink of one of his parents? He was truly tired, wasn't he?"
    • "Chapter 4 of ?":
    Ariana: "Does it amuse you to lie to your challengers?"
    Narrator (Giovanni's side): "Oh, damn right it did! But since she was tightening her hold on both ends of his scarf, Giovanni just shook his head."
    • Petrel is a special case in the fourth chapter:
      Petrel (to Giovanni): "Are you looking for some chloroform to use on this lovely young lady?"
      Petrel (to Ariana, in the same paragraph): "After your horrible loss at the gym, I could offer you some help. I have explosives, if you ever want to bring down the building in revenge. It's a rather ugly building too, so I'd recommend it anyways."
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  • Funny Moments: The normal narration will surprise you every now and then... Mostly during Silver's scenes, as exemplified in Crosses the Line Twice.
  • Heartwarming Moments: The chocolate milk scene in "Chapter 2 of ?".
  • Shipping: Was nominated for the Shipping Fanfic Award at Bulbagarden, too. Along with another fic by the same author... This one won.
    • It has been nominated again for the Fall Awards, and it's up against "Kisses" once more... Is this a Running Gag or something?

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