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YMMV / Travels of the Trifecta

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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Chapter 9 features a location called Plumeria Town, before the debut of Team Skull admin Plumeria in Pokémon Sun and Moon.
  • Ho Yay: There is some of this between Paul and Conway. Paul in particular comes off as a Tsundere towards Conway regarding their friendship in several scenes, and there is a bit of a running gag in the first half of the story where Paul is afraid that Conway will do something perverted to him. In Chapter 7, Brandon even outright says that they bicker Like an Old Married Couple in one scene. After they break up, they still are in each other's minds a lot (especially for Conway, who constantly compares Barry to Paul), with the biggest example being during their respective Gym battles in Chapter 19. Paul finally uses the strategy he thought of with Conway against Candice. For Conway's part, he hallucinates Paul scolding him over catching a "weak" Smoochum which gives him and his Smoochum the drive to prove that it is NOT a weak Pokemon.
  • What an Idiot!: Paul is heading for Snowpoint City alone after making a bet with Conway that he could do it without help, and plans to take the toughest section of Route 216:
    • You'd Expect: That he'd at least dress warmly and have his Pokemon help get through obstacles, considering he has a Weavile which is well-suited for a cold climate, and he never outright mentioned his Pokemon when making the bet, only that he wouldn't need Conway's help.
      Instead: He doesn't change his clothes at all even though Conway warns him to do so, and when faced with a wall of snow and Weavile wants to help him, he outright threatens to release Weavile and all his Pokemon for daring to suggest that he might need help (because he interpreted the terms of the bet as meaning that he would do it without even his own Pokemon's help).
      Result: He gets through the wall of snow, but is too tired and frostbitten to notice his surroundings, and ends up falling off a cliff and ends up needing his Pokemon and Conway to save his life.
  • The Woobie:
    • Paul's Weavile. First he makes it Surf him to catch a boat, and after it fails because it just gets too tired using Surf and Ice Beam at the same time, he threatens to release it if it gets knocked out at the Canalave Gym, which specializes in Steel types (which Weavile, being an Ice type, is weak to). It does win the badge for Paul (who, ironically, is the one who leaves the gym unconscious because of his sickness-induced Post-Victory Collapse), but he simply considers them to be "even." He then scolds it harshly for wanting to help him dig through the snow on Route 216, and even after it helps save his life by going to get help after he falls off the cliff, he still can't actually bring himself to intelligibly thank it or apologize (although he does mutter something that it takes as a thank you but Conway isn't satisfied and scolds Paul for it).
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    • Conway, considering that his parents barely acknowledge his existence, his older sister bullies him and his beloved older cousin turns out to be Saturn from Team Galactic.


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