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Fridge / Travels of the Trifecta

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Fridge Brilliance:

  • If Lemonade can heal a Pokemon's HP in the games, can it also help a sick human get over an illness faster? When Paul drank lemonade in Chapter 7 to help with taking medicine, maybe it also helped him recover from his cold/flu before he visited Reggie in the hospital. Also, on the topic of Paul needing to be over his cold/flu by the time he visited Reggie in Chapter 7, that was a good idea because then he wouldn't be contagious in a place where people would be immunocompromised, and he in turn would be less likely to catch something from someone else at the hospital once his own immune system was done battling that cold/flu. Since we learn later on that Paul actually has a genetically weak immune system, staying away from other people who are contagious would be important for him.
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  • Even when Paul had a coughing fit during the gym battle, Byron still didn't realize he was sick. Why was that? Because Byron had used the Sandstorm move earlier in the battle, and so he probably assumed Paul was coughing because of that instead.