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YMMV / The Vampire Bat

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  • Complete Monster: Dr. Otto von Niemann, the Big Bad of the film, is a Mad Scientist obsessed with creating life. He successfully creates an organism, but must continuously feed it blood. To acquire a decent supply, he hypnotizes his assistant into becoming a Serial Killer. Selecting victims from whomever he can prescribe drugged up sleeping pills to, von Niemann has his mind slave abduct his victims so the two can drain them of blood. Killing six people by the start of the film, this spree has led to the locals fearing a vampire is on the loose. Learning that a local witnessed one of the murders, von Niemann manipulates him into thinking the village idiot is the killer before eliminating him. This causes the town to form a mob and his patsy to jump to his death. Near the end of the film, von Niemann has his maid drained, eliminating the one person he may have cared for.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: Dr. von Neimann crosses it when he orders his maid, the only person he showed any care for, murdered

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