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YMMV / The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism

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  • Complete Monster:
    • Count Frederick Regula was condemned for murdering 12 innocent maidens to harvest their blood for immortality. The 13th escaped him, resulting in his death. To complete his plan, Regula had his servant Anatole kill the entire family of the judge who sentenced him and leaves instructions on how to revive him to gain revenge on the descendants of those responsible for his death. Upon revival, Regula decides to make heroine Lilian the final sacrifice, and prepares to have her beloved Roger, the descendant of the judge, tortured to death in retribution, allowing Lilian a "chance" to save him to make her despair all the sweeter. A devoted Satanist, Regula combines a devotion to achieving immortality, no matter the cost, with a streak of utter sadism and boundless evil, relishing every moment of causing pain to innocents.
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    • Equally as vile as his master, Regula's sadistic manservant, the aforementioned Anatole, helped his dark master torture and kill his enemies, and took it upon himself to live for decades in undeath trying to bring back his master, personally slaughtering the entirety of the family of the judge who sentenced Regula and even trying to kill his young child before he escaped. In the present day, Anatole lures the heroes of the film to Regula's castle before tormenting them with a series of horrific mind games, trying to lower one of them into a pit of spikes and eagerly threatening to drop the last maiden Regula seeks to use into a pit of snakes solely to terrify her and make her ripe for sacrifice at his direct hand.

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