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YMMV / The Siege of Jadotville

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  • Moment of Awesome: On a meta level, this film gave the Real Life soldiers who fought at Jadotville public recognition. Though, since 2005, the Army acknowledged this, the release of the film gave the general public greater awareness of the event, with the government even holding a Jadotville Day parade, awarding a unit citation to the survivors and finally awarding medals in 2017, though only campaign medals and not the Distinguished Service Medal or the Military Medal for Gallantry it was felt they deserved.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped:
    • The movie's message of War for Fun and Profit by large corporations was shown with Corrupt Corporate Executive backing the secession of Katanga from Congo for the sake of mineral wealth that drove point home on the exploitation of the weak nations by profiteers at the price of stability and lives.
    • There's also the point of how poorly "A" Company were treated after the hell they went through. It was 1997 before there was any vindication for their actions and 2016 before any kind of military awards were given for it. Quinlan never lived to see his company vindicated. To hammer the point home, Quinlan punches out McEntee.
  • Vindicated by History: "A" Company themselves. Now that the story has gone public, especially with the release of the film, the "Jadotville Jacks" were even rechristened the "Jadotville Tigers" and are, quite rightly, seen as heroes.


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