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YMMV / The Powerpuff Girls S 5 EP 13 Silent Treatment Sweet N Sour

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Silent Treatment provides examples of:

  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The episode gets a lot of love (in contrast to it's more controversial sister episode) for nearly the entire episode being a love letter to the silent age of animation right about when the girls find out the Big Bad of the episode has kidnapped the Professor.
  • The Woobie: Max Von Nitrate is a villainous example, he wanted the Professor's nicer sounding voice because he was once a famous actor in silent films until technology moved on and sound started getting inserted in movies.

Sweet 'N Sour provides examples of:

  • Iron Woobie: The girls themselves; despite the flack they get, they take it in stride and try all they can to stop the Fluffy Bunch.

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