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YMMV / The Given Day

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  • Inferred Holocaust: Luther's family is in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1919, the Greenwood neighborhood was widely known as a thriving black community, with many black-owned businesses, lavish homes, a fire department, hospitals, movie theaters, etc. It was popularly known as the "Black Wall Street"... for another two years, at least. The novel doesn't make it to 1921, but a little research into the Tulsa Race Massacre will put a huge damper on the ending. Luther just cannot catch a frickin' break.
    • In Live by Night, it is revealed he and his family survived and moved to Chicago at least
  • Moral Event Horizon: Possible subversion. Mckenna's an avowed racist the whole novel, but this is taken Up to Eleven when he KILLS Clayton Tomes for no substantial reason but to force Luther to do his bidding in bringing down the NAACP. Possibly subverted in that it's implied he's done this sort of thing before. And gotten away with it. He doesn’t get away with this one though.


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