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YMMV / The Courageous Princess

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  • Ass Pull: From the third volume, Prince Ingle being the long-lost son of the Seer and his Rapunzel-esque wife. Ingle never mentioned any details about his parents that could have foreshadowed this, and the Seer and his wife seemed perfectly happy and content in the first volume without any hint that they were missing a son, and never mentioned even having one in the first place. It's simply revealed in one panel during the ending montage. He doesn't even look like either of them.
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  • Awesome Art: Rod Espinosa's art for the first volume is gorgeous, favoring a usually bright color palette, a manga-inspired style, and plenty of details to make every panel visually interesting.
  • Heartwarming Moments: From the second volume, after having cried her eyes out when Nostrium taunted her with the idea that no prince would come to rescue a "second-class princess from a poor kingdom", Mabelrose learns that her father had been coming to rescue her with not just one, but four determined princes.

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