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YMMV / Tequila Sunrise

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  • Moral Event Horizon: A small moment, but; after Nick makes his Love Confession to Jo Ann, it looks like she's going to take him back. That's when Jo Ann gets a call from Mac's son Cody. While she's on the phone (which is at the other end of the bar from Nick), Nick walks over to her and indicates he'd like to borrow a book of matches there. She nods yes, but glances over by Nick's seat and sees a matchbook there. She looks down, and when she looks again, the matchbook is gone. This proves to her despite what he said, Nick doesn't really trust her, and so she doesn't end up taking him back.
    • For Mac, it's when he finds out Carlos wants to kill Jo Ann because of what she knows.
    Carlos: Don't worry, old buddy, I won't kill her unless you approve.
    Mac: And if I don't?
    Carlos: Then we talk all night until you do.
    • For Nick, it's when he sees Maguire trying to shoot Mac, because Mac knows Carlos and Escalante are the same person, and Maguire has been working with Escalante for several years, which could land him in jail.

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