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Heartwarming / Tequila Sunrise

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  • Nick's Love Confession to Jo Ann:
    Nick: I didn't know you, I didn't know your relationship with Mac, I only knew he was hiding something. It turned out to be his feelings. But you're so smooth, I figured you were hiding something too.
    Jo Ann: How could you tell? You lie to me about Mac, you lie to Mac about me, you lie to the judge about everybody. Sooner or later, you have to lose sight of the facts, don't you?
    Nick: No. No, you don't lose sight of the facts, not unless you're nuts. You lose sight of your feelings. Mac knows how he feels: he's crazy about you and he doesn't want to get caught. For a crook it's crystal clear. On the other hand for a cop it's confusing. Mac's my friend and I like him. Maguire's my associate and I hate him. I probably have to bust my friend if I'm going to do my job, and I *hate* that. But I *hate* drug dealers and somebody's got to get rid of Carlos. How do I do that? With my powers of deduction, I walk into your restaurant, take one look at you and realize, 'No matter how good the food is, Mac's not here to eat; he's in love.' Then I have to wonder if you're not as good at concealing your feelings as you are at taking care of your customers. I know you're not in the drug business, but maybe you've got guilty knowledge that can help me do my job. So I checked you out. You've had, as near as I can tell, three affairs in the last seven years; one with a lifeguard who was more a high school buddy than anything else, the other, a painter from Venice who did some frescoes for your restaurant, and the third, a married man where you broke off the relationship almost immediately. See, you're, you're not exactly wild and crazy in this area, so I figured if you're willing to get involved with me, you're probably not involved with Mac. But given his interest in you, you're as likely to find out what's going on in his life as anybody. And what I didn't figure is that you're not like me. You're honest, kind and principled, and I trust you. Suddenly, I'm...(his voice breaks slightly) ashamed. (becomes normal) You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, and I'm nuts about you. Now I've only got one question, and it's not about Mac, I don't wanna know what you know about Mac. Man, I just wanna see you tonight. Will you see me?
    Jo Ann: (after wiping her eyes) So, what else you know about me, Nick?