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YMMV / Swamp Thing Volume 2 - Issue 21: "The Anatomy Lesson"

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  • Fridge Logic
    • This issue resolves a big loophole about Swamp Thing's origins: that the bio-restorative formula only worked on plants, it shouldn't have affected Alec Holland's body. We find out that the formula worked on the plants that consumed Alec's burned corpse.
    • If, as Woodrue discovers, the Swamp Thing can't be a human being transformed into a humanoid plant because plant tissue can't support the functions of human organs, then how can Woodrue have successfully transformed himself into a humanoid plant?
      • Woodrue is a plant/human hybrid, not a pure plant creature. Presumably his human organs are still working.
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  • Older Than They Think: Inker John Totleben, who joined the title with penciller Stephen Bissette on Issue 15, was the first to propose that the protagonist be retooled as more plant than human. However, his idea was rejected, unlike the one Alan Moore independently came up with when Len Wein hired him several months later.

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