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YMMV / Supernatural S 07 E 19 Of Grave Importance

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  • Complete Monster: Whitman Van Ness was a murderer operating in the early 1900s, responsible for slitting the throats of numerous prostitutes who worked in his manor house. Culminating in murdering his own fiancée, Whitman framed the caretaker Dexter O'Connor. Becoming a powerful ghost after death, Whitman, to protect himself from the decay all ghosts suffer, took to feeding off other spirts, destroying them. To ensure his supply, Whitman spent decades killing countless people who came to his house, preventing their spirits from passing on doomed to eventually decay into rotting mindless abominations, with him openly enjoying his victims' horrific fate. After killing two teenagers, Whitman murders Annie Hawkins, then murders two of the teenager's friends by crushing their hearts, adding them all to his collection. When Dexter protested that he already had more than enough victims, Whitman drained him on the spot. The evilest spirit the Winchesters ever faced, Whitman's final act was to attempt to drain Bobby.