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YMMV / Skyland

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  • Awesome Music: The Opening Theme, though short, is nevertheless an uplifting, epic melody that sets the mood well.
  • Cliché Storm: Your eyes will love this show. Your ears will hate it.
    • You know it's bad when you can figure out exactly how the show will end within ten minutes of first seeing it.
  • Complete Monster: Oslo is a Commander of the Sphere; a powerful Seijin; and a megalomaniac who believes himself to be The Chosen One who is destined to rule all of Skyland with the help of a prophesied "Lady of Light" who will give him the means to take over the Sphere. After imprisoning his old friend Mila, Oslo begins hunting for her daughter, Lena, a young Seijin who he is convinced is the Lady of Light. Regularly terrorizing "the peasants" and crushing all resistance to the Sphere's regime, Oslo worst atrocities include blowing up a hidden refuge full of orphaned Seijin children; increasing his own power by sucking the life out of his kindly twin brother Darius; and rampaging through Temuera in search of a power-enhancing relic, at one point attempting to force the Temueran leader to talk by threatening to make him watch as his people are either enslaved or executed by the Sphere's Brigadiers.
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  • Narm: The voice acting isn't exactly great. Lena's voice actress in particular is guilty of Dull Surprise.
  • Squick: Olso wants Lena. Badly. He is much older than her. Pedophilia, anyone?
  • Uncanny Valley: At least in the eyes of some tropers.


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