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  • Abandon Ship: Northstar/Silverstar had quite a few fans thanks to the Foe Yay. And then it was revealed they’re uncle and niece. Cue people jumping off in droves.
  • Complete Monster: Blight is a savage, smug cat from TalonClan, initially introduced as a seemingly charming scout for Slaughter. However, he quickly proves himself monstrous when he kidnaps, starves, abuses, and mentally tortures Belladonna until she suffers a Loss of Identity, remolding her into a terrified but loving minion whom he addresses with the derogative ‘pet’. When Nightshade (as he calls her) forms a friendship with Minnow, he plans to repeat the process with her, and only fails because Nightshade rescues her friend. He dies gleeful and unrepentant, going straight to the Dark Forest. In Chilled, he’s willing to sacrifice Sootsky to escape, giving no care to the fact she’s his daughter, and frequently goes out of his way to make her uncomfortable. He also reveals that Nightshade was not the first cat he broke and abused, just the first that survived. And unlike those who repent (like Chillpaw, Shrew, Swiftshadow, and Nettlefrost) or who simply want to start over (Brightstar and Dapplefern), Blight shows absolutely no remorse for what he’s doing, and plans to pick up his abusive, murderous ways the moment he comes back to life. A self-centered, sadistic sociopath, Blight holds no love for anyone but himself and devotes both life and unlife to destroying others.
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  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Death and Brightfire.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Chillpaw/Sootpaw is vastly preferred over Rook/Sootpaw. A lot of fans were mad that Chillpaw stayed dead and would rather that his reincarnation remember her, eventually getting back together, instead of her moving on to the much-older Rook.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Many fans prefer to imagine that Chillpaw's reincarnation, Icekit, either retains all Chillpaw's memories/personality or eventually recovers them, instead of him being Deader Than Dead, and gets back together with Sootsky.
  • Ghost Shipping: Chillpaw/Sootpaw. And it’s canon, too, for a while.
  • Magnificent Bastard:
    • Northstar, rather than murdering his father himself, instead carefully arranges a series of accidents that never cast blame upon him. When he realizes the forest-sickness was spreading through his enemies' camps, he either hoards or destroys all available cures so it would cripple them. And then, at their weakest point, he swoops in to recruit the desperate and kill the rest. In less than a season, he's assimilated all four Clans into his own, and it's only the machinations of another Magnificent Bastard that put him down.
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    • Crowtalon/Slaughter. Happens to spot Northstar overseeing one of his father's 'accidents'. Decides to wait on this information until just the right moment. Lets Northstar do all the hard work of assimilating the other Clans. As soon as Northstar leaves to get his nine lives granted, calls the Clans together, spills the beans on Northstar's crimes, and successfully sways them to his side while Northstar has no chance of defending himself . In short, it takes him one day to overthrow everything Northstar built.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Rook/Sootpaw. While it's understandable that she might want to move on after Chillpaw died, one would expect a mourning period of more than a week. But instead, less than that passes before she starts thinking about him romantically, and within only a chapter or two (of her POV) of Chillpaw dying. The author tries to mitigate this by showing she still misses Chillpaw and putting a Time Skip at the end, but it still leaves a bad taste in some's mouths that she starts thinking about another tom that way, that quickly.


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