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YMMV / Phoenix Resurrection

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  • Author's Saving Throw: Assuming it's the genuine article and not a psychic projection, Cyclops' resurrection seems to be this, giving Marvel the opportunity to rerail him. This is ultimately proven true as, though he is revived for a few pages before being cruelly killed again by the Phoenix Force, Cyclops apologizes for his actions, Jean admits that her own actions lead him to his path and that, in all honestly, the world probably would have been better off without either of them alive.
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  • Like You Would Really Do It: In the Jean Grey solo series that focused on the younger Jean Grey and acted as a lead up to this story Jean, along with Emma Frost, Hope Summers, Quentin Quire and the Stepford Cuckoos all died confronting the Phoenix, however given most of them are major characters and that Jean and Quentin are alive and well in other ongoing booksnote  fans are expecting they'll be resurrected here along with the adult Jean Grey. Indeed, the last issue of Jean Grey ends with young and old Jeans confronting each other in young Jean's room.
  • Moment of Awesome: Downplayed by being a psychic projection or not, Laura giving "Ghostneto" a foot-claw lobotomy is quite the spectacular feat.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: With all of the dead X-Men appearing, or all of the characters brought together, many readers have noted that many of these events were not explored as thoroughly as they could have been. For example:
    • The people who appear in Jean's world are characters who either are now or have been dead. Among them are many of the slain New X-Men, particularly Icarus, Wither, Tag, and Wolf Cub. Although issue 4 does have Hellion kneeling over the latter's corpse asking if they're in hell, the reactions to people seeing their dead friends again has been much more muted than many readers anticipated.
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    • X-23 and Hellion share panel time for the first time since the Liu series, but no mention is made of how ugly their last encounter was. It was left to Word of God to explain that they were avoiding each other as best they could during that encounter.
    • The revelation that all of the projections are just projections has disappointed many readers who expected the Phoenix shenanigans to be used as an excuse to resurrect other beloved characters.
  • Unexpected Character: It's a comic book, so fans expect major characters to come back from death, but even the hardcore comic fans did not expect John and Elaine Grey - Jean's parents who were killed at the End of Greys storyline - and Annie Richardson, the girl who activated Jean's powers by her death because these characters were so minor in the grand scheme of things. Another notable appearance comes from Thunderbird, who was killed off mere issues after his debut in Giant-Sized X-Men and is noteworthy as one of the few characters who have remained dead, turns up in issue 2.

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