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YMMV / Nickelodeon Shorts and Interstitials

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  • Base-Breaking Character: Face. Was he a lovable and funny guy who defined Nick Jr. in the 90s, or was he an annoying and/or somewhat creepy guy who was one of the worst parts of Nick Jr.?
  • Broken Base: For a while, a lot of Astrology with Squidward fans argued over how many shorts they think Nickelodeon made. Were the 6 that surfaced online the only ones that were made? Were Virgo and Libra also made? Were all 12 symbols of the zodiac made into shorts? For years, the fans often argued with each other over how many they think got made due to the lack of definitive proof for the correct answer. Finally, in April of 2019, Vincent Waller confirmed that all of the shorts online were all that were made.
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  • Captain Obvious Aesop: Part of the point of the Winky Love shorts was to show kids what it would be like living in the big cities. Obviously, this likely came off as redundant for the kids who already lived the big cities in the first place.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Not everyone has fond memories of Face, considering that he's a large disembodied face sitting there on the screen making weird noises.
    • Attack of the Giant Vulture, a Short People short. Everything about the short is somewhat unsettling, first with how the vulture chases the kids all over town with the intent of eating them, then the ending where the kids defeat him by plucking out all his feathers and cooking and eating him instead. Heck, you can just look at the comments of the linked video and you can see just how many people were terrified of the vulture.
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  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: The reaction to Face's revamp in his later years was generally negative, and Face was retired shortly afterward. Nick seems to be aware of this reaction, as in any of Face's later appearances, (such as on The '90s Are All That/The Splat) he is always the more fondly remembered, Chris Phillips-voiced, and less in-your-face version from the 90s with his revamp ignored.

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