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YMMV / Necroscope

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  • Jerkass Woobie: Dragosani may be a bastard, but his childhood was SERIOUSLY messed up, and he's been emotionally manipulated by a vampire from quite an early age, and almost raped by his cousins.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The vampiric Wamphyri; a bunch of irredeemable chaotic evil monsters whose unholy birth comes from the injection of otherwordly vampire leeches their bodies by other Wamphyri. Not only can they change their appearance to fit any purpose,(such as Lord Vasagi the Suck, whose mouth he formed into a long, sucker, hence the title) they use their metamorphic powers to build aeries - giant castle like structures formed from living, screaming human flesh, and using the same material to create the nightmarish, chaos warhammer style warriors, and their mindless airborne mounts, the flyers.
    • Oh, about those shapeshifting powers and how they're used: a good indication on just how nightmarish this series can get and how unbelievably evil the Wamphyri are is in a line about Yulian Bodescu's sexual habits. And that line is "He could literally fill her to bursting point if he wished." What makes it even worse is that this is about him and his cousin, who he keeps as a mentally enslaved concubine along with her mother. They're quite aware that they're mind-controlled and can even talk back to him, but they're simply unable to disobey his commands, no matter what.
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  • Sequelitis
  • Values Dissonance: Due to having been started in the early-to-mid eighties certain attitudes to people of Eastern European backgrounds, and homosexuality are a bit out of step with the modern audience. May also be a case of Fair for Its Day.


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