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  • Never Live It Down: One episode featured a male survivor subjecting his man-parts to a substantial amount of abuse while climbing a palm tree. He quotes this trope directly when his partner spends the rest of the episode randomly breaking into giggle fits just thinking about the palm tree troubles.
  • The Scrappy: Various survivalists have inspired hatred in the fan base for a variety of reasons.
    • Cassie from the Season 1 special Double Jeopardy, who spent most of her time lounging around and working on her tan while her three team-mates did all the work. This review of the episode tells the whole story and Cassie's reply in the comments does little to defuse accusations of her being an entitled wannabe survivalist.
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    • Jeff from the Season 2 episode Damned in Africa, for insulting his far more experienced partner Eva, complaining about feminist women in general and crediting his prayers to The Holy Father with securing the food for their survival rather than Eva's superior hunting skills.
    • Both Carrie and Tom from the Season 3 episode Hearts of Darkness. There's some debate as to whether Tom's inflexible attitude regarding his plans or Carrie's desire to explore even when it wasn't a good use of energy was more grating. But everyone agrees that their extraction was a textbook example of what not to do in a survival situation and they both saw their PSR go down despite successfully lasting the full 21 days.
    • Chris from the Season 3 episode Playing With Fire, for being such a macho jackass that his partner quit rather than put up with his sexism and flirtatious ways anymore.
      • Perhaps more damning was Chris' suddenly having no issues at all accomplishing simple survival tasks once his partner had left, suggesting he had been intentionally holding back to spite her.
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    • Honora from the Season 3 episode Dunes of Despair claimed to be honoring the legacy of her Boy Scout father while acting in a very disrespecful manner to her partner, mocking his vegan diet, manhood, willpower, fitness level, intelligence and smell. She eventually "divorced" him and went on to show her complete lack of survival skills, trying to hunt in the middle of the day IN A FREAKING DESERT!
      • Despite having to be evacuated due to severe heatstroke, Honora has somehow been allowed to come back for Naked and Afraid XL. Given that the one promotional video featuring her so far has her arguing with the two men she's teamed up with, it seems unlikely time has made Honora any more of a team player or taught her any humility.
    • Afften from the Season 4 episode Edge of Madness has somehow become even more loathed than Cassie and Honora. Reportedly she was taught Cherokee wilderness lore by her grandfather, though she showed no sign of having any outdoors skills during her time on the show. She spent the entirety of her one week in the wilderness complaining about everything from missing her family to the taste of the food her partner was providing for her. Some theorize - based on her social media and the show she made of taking off her dress to reveal nothing on under it to the camera when it came time to strip down - that she was more interested in trying to score a modeling contract than proving her skills as a survivalist.
      • It got worse when she got home and recorded a video boasting of her skills at a time when the partner she abandoned was slowing dying of hunger and a fever. She's said that she'd love to come back on the show. Fan outcry against the idea was near unanimous.

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