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The Series In General

  • Every single survivalist who manages to go the distance and pass the 21-day challenge gets one of these at the end, when they see the truck, the helicopter or the ship that has come to take them back to civilization.

Season One

  • Billy and Ky in Beware The Bayou, for managing to survive in the swamps of Louisiana despite having their shelter washed out by flooding.

Season Two

  • EJ and Laura in Man vs. Amazon, who overcame a challenge that thwarted two other survivalists in less than a week - three if you count a male survivalist who reportedly was shipped down to the Amazon basin and immediately had second thoughts about competing.

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  • Alana in Paradise Lost, who spent over half her time on the island without any help, after her partner got sick drinking unclean water. The self-described "girly-girl" became the first survivalist to win the challenge alone.

Season Three

  • Amanda in Nicaragua Nightmare, who survived for 16 days in the jungle on her own, after her partner tapped out on Day 5.

  • Matt in the season finale Dunes of Despair, who overcame a hostile partner and survived 21 days in the deserts of Brazil without compromising his vegan diet.
    • Also, proving he was more of a class act than his partner deserved, he went out of his way to recover her survival item (an heirloom magnifying glass) so that he could return it to her.

Season Four

  • Ryan's strong performance overall in Alligator Alley. Ryan manages to acquire several sources of food and he even gets over his fear of alligators and catches an alligator using a homemade stick and noose.

  • Zach in ''Edge of Madness', who overcame being abandoned by his partner after a week and went on to win the challenge despite a 102-degree body temperature and severe heatstroke.

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  • Angela in Lord of the Rats, who - after spending most of the challenge dependent on her loner partner for food - winds up saving him from failing the challenge when he proves unable to swim out to their rescue boat. She gets to the boat, realized he is floundering, and dives back in to help pull him to victory.

Season Five

  • Kim in Forsaken, who set the current record for completing the challenge after going the longest without a partner (17 days) after being continually belittled and insulted by her partner, Gary, for four days before he tapped out.
    • Best moment of the episode? When she finally makes a fire with her bow-drill, despite Gary's complaints about how useless her tool (and, by extension, Kim) was to survival. Ironically he tapped out due to exhaustion brought on by trying to prove that his tool - an axe - wasn't useless.

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