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YMMV / My Dear Cold-Blooded King

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  • Awesome Art: Lifelight's art is jaw-droppingly beautiful.
  • Base-Breaking Character: While most of the characters are firmly liked or hated, Hayate Ryusaki is substantially divisive among the fanbase. On one hand, people find his Chivalrous Pervert tendencies genuinely amusing or romantic and generally think of him as an entertaining, interesting character. However, there are also those who find that his advances toward Mei extreme to the point of being unsettling, especially since she had rejected him multiple times. What compounds the issue in the latter case is that Ryusaki, more than once, refers to Mei in derogatory terms, such as calling her "a pair of breasts", a moment that multiple fans hold him in disdain for.
    • People additionally dislike him for the fact that he's using Mei as an Unwitting Pawn so that he can capture Kozuke. While some see this as giving Ryusaki depth as a Pragmatic Hero, given that Mei is Kozuke's target, others have different problem with the scenario. Considering the Ryusaki is in love with Mei at this time, the fact that he's knowingly, and remorselessly, endangering her without her knowledge has been considered distasteful by many. What does not help is that the negative implications of Kozuke succeeding in taking Mei are already established. Overall, the problem is not with Ryusaki's general characterization, but with how he treats Mei despite what he feels for her.
  • Die for Our Ship:
    • Akane, one of the nicest and most inoffensive characters, attracted instant hostility in the comments when she was first introduced, simply because she pined hopelessly for Katsu. (In fairness, there was also a lot of pushback against the hostile comments.)
    • When Lifelight confirmed RyuMei and KatsuKane as the official ships, she got so much hostile backlash from KatsuMei shippers that she deactivated her social media accounts for a while.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: The Ambassador. Readers have found his overdramatic pining for Mei quite endearing, and there is a small but vocal Mei/Ambassador shipping contingent.