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YMMV / Mines of Dragon Mountain

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  • Fridge Horror: At one point, Spike says that when dragons die, they turn into gems, "blood and all". ...what does Spike like eating again?
  • Nightmare Fuel: The captured Grundel commits suicide by biting off his own tongue, swallowing it, and then breaks his own jaw shut so his interrogators cannot stop him from choking to death. Wow. And of course it's described step-by-step in such wonderful detail.
    • Granodiorite's death at the hands of Tirac definitely counts, this troper would rather not describe in detail what that poor Grundel goes through, it may also be considered a tearjerker moment.
  • Ugly Cute: Worker Grundels. They are constantly described as massive green skinned trolls with long teeth, scary claws and terrible body odor (but only when upset). They are also incredibly polite, kind and just downright innocent. They seem to be nicer than ponies!

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