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YMMV / Mi Tru Lov

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Is Bajin really the unnecessarily horrible sister Kawaiilyn says she is, or is she just trying to stop Kawaiilyn and their mum from going off the deep end after their father left?
    • Maybe Bajin is only mean to try and cover up her grief that her father abandoned the family.
    • Let's talk about Utsukushiniji. Whilst she only has one appearance in the story, what is said about her later on and what she says to Kawaiilyn is very much open to interpretation. Is it possible that she dislikes Bajin because she was her dad's favourite, and thus associates her with the horrible things that occurred after he left? She might also praise Kawaiilyn because Bajin dislikes her.
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    • Kawaiilyn suddenly finding a portal into the Hetalia world and what consequently occurs there lends itself well to alternative interpretations. What if Kawaiilyn has been Driven to Madness by her father's sudden disappearance from her life, and has come up with the whole plot to distract herself from her life falling apart?
  • Beige Prose: The fanfic is in places lacking in description, to the point that the reader can't imagine what some of the scenes look like.
  • Moe: Kawaiilyn.
    i feld moe v srxej that day.
  • Wangst: Kawaiilyn about her father. Sure, having a family member walk out on you is sad, but not so sad that you start crying about it for absolutely no reason eight years after it happened and providing people you've just met with a massive Info Dump about it.

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