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  • Older Than They Think: An older sister with a reviled secret that complicates the lives of her family and friends, and a caring, compassionate younger sister who gives her the will to live. Eventually, the older sister runs away to embrace her new life, where she cannot harm those she cares about, and where they won't harm her. Yes, this predates Frozen (2013) by nine years.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Those readers who don't like the book usually cite Regan's characterization as the key reason, saying that she steals the spotlight, misgenders Luna half the time, and in general launches into unjustified Wangst about Luna's existence ruining her life, when in fact she has it much easier in comparison.
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    • Others who don't like the book criticize Luna herself, arguing that her Trans Tribulations in no way justify her often self-absorbed behavior and the burdens she puts on Regan.
  • What an Idiot!: While Luna is babysitting in place of Regan, she gets the idea to go try on Elise's clothes. She ends up caught, and the situation goes about as well as you'd expect.