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YMMV / Lone Wolf McQuade

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  • Awesome Music: The score by Francesco De Masi, particularly the Ominous Pipe Organ music that plays in the final battle between McQuade and Wilkes.
  • Complete Monster: Rawley Wilkes, a crime lord and total sociopath, is the smooth-talking Arch-Enemy of the titular Texas Ranger Jim McQuade. Rawley murders anyone who gets in the way of his deals, from fellow criminals who attempt to turn on him, to innocent witnesses, having his men hospitalize McQuade's daughter Sally and murder her boyfriend after they see his men enact a murderous hijacking of a military convoy. Rawley personally murders Texas Ranger Dakota and criminal Snow once Snow lets loose on Rawley's own deals, sees McQuade's pet wolf shot by his goon as a warning, and buries McQuade alive in his own car after he continues to intrude on his business. Once McQuade continues to interfere, Rawley kidnaps his daughter and later mortally wounds his own girlfriend Lola, who confesses Rawley killed her husband and forced her to be his partner under the threat of her life.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: Rawley takes a big step over it when he kills McQuade's pet wolf.


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