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YMMV / Ladykiller in a Bind

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  • Anvilicious:
    • The Hacker's and The Flower's scenario both stress the importance of being confident in yourself when it comes to relationships instead of pitying or downplaying yourself. The Beast tries her best to teach this to the two, and gets irritated at The Flower when he continues to not understand it and then becomes downright furious when he still refuses to learn.
    • Sex is, first and foremost, about feeling comfortable with your partner. If you ignore that, the experience can have some significant issues. That said...
      • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: This isn't something that's taught, despite being a very significant part of sexual relationships, due to the general taboo of discussing these kinds of things.
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  • Overshadowed by Controversy: While this game was well-received by many reviewers and audience members, the original release included a scene that was seen as very controversial, in which The Beast engages in a sexual act with The President in exchange for an important favour - in the process, The President sexually humiliates his partner and calls out the player for being so sex-focused and manipulative in how they played the game. A fair number of audience members sent in strongly worded complaints at how strongly it evokes the Rape and Switch trope (as The Beast keeps saying about how she's enjoying it despite being a lesbian). There were attempts at quelling the audience anger: firstly by making the scene skippable, and then by creating a content warning that would appear every time the game is loaded, reminding the audience that fiction is a safe space to explore difficult ideas or fantasies and that things should not be like this in real life; these attempts failed, and the developers decided to issue a patch that greatly reworked the scene. This quietened the initial uproar and instead created a different controversy, in which people began to question how safe queer indie developers are from this kind of fan response, and whether this creates an atmosphere in which queer developers cannot create the kinds of works they really want to. Needless to say, articles regarding the controversy are some of the first things to come up when the game is searched for online.

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