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YMMV / In Her Shoes

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Rose and Maggie's father, Michael Feller. Was he a loving, if not misguided, father who was in a complex situation regarding his relationship with his wife versus being considerate of his daughters' feelings over their past and protecting their mother's legacy, or was he just a Jerkass who indirectly caused one wife's death, allowed another to treat his children like crap while doing nothing to stop it and blocked their maternal grandparents from having any contact with the girls throughout their life all in an effort to save face about his role in what happened?
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  • Dawson Casting / Playing Gertrude: Cameron Diaz, playing the younger sister, is older than Toni Collete by a few months.
  • Hollywood Homely: Rose, played by Toni Collette.
    • To be fair, she's never implied to be unattractive, and they do quite a bit to play down her natural looks (the actress gained a little weight, dyed her hair a darker color that washed her out, unimpressive makeup and dress, etc). It's more that in comparison to Maggie that she's less of a head-turner, and that's in part because Maggie has learned to court attention via her looks. She's involved in two different relationships over the course of the film, and both of them are with attractive men, the latter outright admitting he was smitten with her from the start.
  • Tear Jerker: When Ella reveals Caroline killed herself. Also, when Maggie not only figures that out, but also realizes Rose has known this all along.
    • When Maggie finds out the professor is dead.
  • The Woobie: Rose and Maggie. Mother with bipolar disorder, parents with a hard marriage, Mother commits suicide which Rose knew since age 8, father cut their grandmother from contacting them, Sydelle goes out of her way to make Rose feel fat and ugly while making Maggie feel like she'll never succeed in life. Give these two some hugs!
    • Ella. She raised and even over-protected a daughter with bipolar disorder and has been keeping the secret of the girl's suicide for over 20 years. She also was separated from her granddaughters when their father started withholding her mail from them.
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    • Mr. Feller. Felt his Mother In Law was going to blame him for the suicide and lost his wife after a marriage with it's ups and downs. Ends up raising two daughters until he marries Sydelle, who becomes their Wicked Stepmother that makes him her Henpecked Husband.

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