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  • YMMV but Rose scaring Sydelle off from the kitchen while she was trying to talk to Amy. After a whole movie of Sydelle being a passive aggressive or outright bitch to Rose and Maggie, with the final straw being that she decides to humiliate Rose at her own bridal shower with photos she choose to make Rose look like an ugly dumpling.
    • In the book, Rose tells Amy that those photos were gathered because Sydelle was hoping that Rose would slim down and become "perfect" and they'd be used as "Before and After" photos. Aside from things not going perfectly in Sydelle's world with her Perfect daughter becoming a member of Jews For Jesus, the fact that Rose, her despised Hollywood Homely stepdaughter with a plumper figure, is getting married to an accomplished man that loves her (without a makeover) really sticks somewhat in Sydelle's craw.

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