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Heartwarming / In Her Shoes

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  • Maggie reading "i carry your heart with me" by e.e. cummings at Rose's wedding.
  • When Maggie and Rose make up near the end.
  • Rose finally tells Simon about Maggie:
    Rose: I was protecting (Maggie) because that's what I do. You need to know this, because if by some insane stroke of fate you do decide to marry me, she will make your life a living hell. You'll be begging me to kick her out, commit her, kill her, anything. And I'll want to, but I never will. (her voice breaks) Because without her, I don't make sense.
  • Rose and Simon making out after he reads one of her romance novels, with them switching off (Rose) and on (Simon) the lights. Simon turns it on, cups Rose's apprehensive face to him and kisses her. Just wordlessly telling her how attracted to her he is.
    • Afterglow: he gleefully asks if this makes him her "bitch", and she asks "do you want to be my bitch?" and he tells her about how he always wanted to be with her since he first saw her arrive at the law office.
  • Grandma Ella giving Rose her own wedding slippers which are old, but not to her (new), from her (borrowed), and have a blue floral pattern inside.
  • Maggie bombs at making a dinner for her and Ella, Ella declares it to be not bad. This is sweet given that Maggie is becoming less self-centered and she mostly received criticism (both in the film and movie) from Sydelle.
    • Maggie even tells how her Mother put a tiara in her lunchbox where the sandwich should be because Maggie is her princess.

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