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  • Critical Research Failure: Obviously it's all done for comedy, and so this is isn't as big an issue as it normally is, but their Open World arc (focused on Fallout) has a couple moments:
    • Gavin gets radiation poisoning from only five rads (it takes a couple hundred in the games, except Fallout 4 (which this was supposed to be based on in the first place), where there is no actual radiation poisoning and instead just decreased maximum health), and the negative effect from it is having a screen put in his vision so everything becomes blurry (this isn't an effect of radiation poisoning at all in the games).
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    • When Gavin gets a crippled arm and Michael gets a crippled leg, Barbara has them drink toilet water to cure it. Yes, in the games, you can drink water to heal, and yes, you can even drink it from toilets. However, drinking water does not cure crippled limbs. You have to use Stimpaks, see a doctor, sleep in a bed, or if they're available in the game, use a Doctor's Bag.
    • During the arc's second episode, the guys twice are given a "kill or spare" option. This isn't something that happens in the games much, if at all. If a character is hostile, you can sometimes try to talk them down; if a character is nice, your dialogue options may antagonize them. But it's never as simple as choosing "Kill" or "Save" like something by Telltale Games.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • A bit, in the Mario Kart episode; during Michael's second lap, Burnie and Gus notice that he's more confident this time and going faster. Then, when he turns onto the straightaway, he picks up even more speed, and Gus and Burnie start sounding a little worried, Burnie even noting that Michael is going too fast. Then, some dramatic music kicks in as Michael turns and approaches the last pile of bananas, Burnie and Gus start freaking out and motioning for him to stop... and Michael hits the bananas, spins out, and flies off the track in his kart. Thankfully, though, he's fine.
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    • The Five Nights at Freddy's episode, full stop. Even with the second body around, manning the controls is still a nightmare and while you're not getting stuffed into animatronics, the four are very scary. The Ursa Grimm needs no enhancements - it's already a fright in its native canon! Mr. Diddles' paper bag is all stiched up and looking very angry (and apparently bloodied). Pongo goes human size, has an eye dangling out of his head and now bares sharp teeth and the chicken...
  • Squick: The Surgeon Simulator episode - blood, guts, being squirted with blood, Michael eating a stomach salad...
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Not majorly but a lot of comments on the Metal Gear Solid episode were solely about how much they missed Michael and Gavin as the labrats.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The Open World arc based on Fallout. At the start, Burnie and Gus hype up how they've set up a large open world, full of NPCs and sidequests, that Gavin and Michael had to traverse through while finding hidden weapons and items. They also had to locate a transmission code that would get them into Vault 619, their ending point. And lastly, they're given twelve hours to do this. Seems like it'll be a multi-episode arc with tons of different quests... but instead, it lasts two episodes that are roughly ten minutes each, they only do one sidequest that also gives them the transmission code we thought they'd have to hunt for, they only get into two battles (three if you count the radroaches they ran away from, four if you count the ambush from Meg that they also ran from), and they only encounter four NPCs outside of battles. For a test about Open World games, they seemed to be forced onto a very linear path, and the only times they had choices, they either didn't matterexample  or their choices were pretty obviously laid out to force them into somethingexample . It's unknown how much of this is the fault of the creators for how they set it up, or Michael and Gavin's fault for not exploring as much as any actual Fallout player would.

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