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YMMV / Hotel Impossible

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  • Harsher in Hindsight: Caribe Playa Beach Hotel got some mixed reviews afterwards, the last review at Trip Advisor explicitly mentioning this show by name. The hotel then got destroyed because of Hurricane María.
  • Nausea Fuel / Squick: While a lot of the hotels Anthony goes to have dirty rooms, some are especially nasty.
    • In one hotel, Anthony found a used condom in his room.
    • The Empress Hotel in New Orleans featured a lot of completely absurd policies, one of which being that the housekeepers had to clean the toilets, tubs, and bathroom floors with the same rag!
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    • Another hotel had Anthony checking the bathroom in his suite and finding someone's diarrhea that housekeeping hadn't bothered to clean up. He even felt sick himself after discovering this, making it an In-Universe example, too!
    • The Abercrombie Hotel in Baltimore was serving unrefrigerated, rotten hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, and had a refrigerator full of spoiled food that was being served to the guests. Also, Anthony found a used crack cocaine vial in the parking lot.

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