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YMMV / Gravity Falls: PinesQuest 2Dimensions

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  • Demonic Spiders: The unicorns of the second dungeon. Their Spell of Light can (and will) one-shot any character that is below the two thirds of their health. And they are faster than you.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: In the demo, the fact that any random encounter is faster than your characters unless you take a long time to level-grind. Once the dungeons become bigger, exploring them or even level-grinding become tedious because you'll have to pause after each battle to heal, and any monster that uses a Status Ailment-inducing attack will be an annoyance to deal with. Characters like Pacifica become less useful because of it, as given the fact that the opponents will attack first no matter what, debuffing them or inflicting a Status Ailment on them isn't gainful and it's better to hit them with your strongest attacks to reduce their numbers as quickly as possible. (Note that this doesn't apply to bosses. Buffing and debuffing is near indispensable to survive boss fights.) According to the game's production blog, normal enemies will receive an agility nerf in the full version.
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  • That One Level: Northwest Mansion is a very long level filled with opponents that love to spam Status Ailment-inducing attacks, making level grinding more tedious.

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