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YMMV / Gate Keepers 21

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: When the Ghost Girl inverts her Gate of Disappearance into the Gate of Resurrection and ends up restoring all of Odaiba — structures and humans — did she do so in a blind rage, not knowing that she was undoing everything she did? Or did she truly believe that the drudgery and sin of the modern world would make Ayane, whom she thought to be just as misanthropic as her, 'suffer forever'?
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  • Cry for the Devil: While she'd done many terrible things, such as allying with the Invaders. Seeing the Ghost Girl's horrified reaction when Ayane rejects her offer of friendship by destroying the last piece of her body that's keeping her from fading out of existence. It's not hard to feel at least a small amount of sympathy for her as she dies.

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