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YMMV / Future Tense

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  • Shipping: The author stays mostly true to the fan preferred couples and canon, in regards to Subaru/Teana, Nanoha/Fate, Erio/Caro and Vice/Alto.
    • Regarding pairings involving Fate, Nanoha and Yuuno, it is revealed that Yuuno loved Nanoha and was devasted by her death, later marrying Fate, as they were both depressed by her death and that united them. It lasted eight years until they divorced because of conflicting ideals, and Yuuno eventually marrying Shario.
    • Erio and Caro also married and had kids, but she died early in the war between the TSAB and Saint Church and his kids disappeaared. Erio became deppressed and started to live alone.
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    • Vice and Alto married, had a son and joined the rebels.
    • There's also the case of Original Character Givo being teased with Layla and Ixpellia, but it would be weird since both of them, especially the later, are much older than him.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: The most hated characters in the franchise definitely suffer from this
    • The Huckebein suffer a Humiliation Conga even in the backstory, since Hayate melted their ship to maker her two giant robots, and later planted explosives on their heads, if they ever gave too much trouble. Then, in the final battle, they get trashed in every fight fight, with Arnage losing her powers to a cure Isis made; Cypha being thrown around by Fate; Deville getting thrown from the stratosphere by Vivio and Fortis being shown how much having infinite regeneration hurts.
    • Quattro gets shot in the head by Teana for all the trouble she ever caused, including the JS incident, the conspiracy she participated in and helping the Jail clone in zombifying her previously dead sisters

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