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For the 1992 Film

  • Complete Monster: The psychotic Judge opens the film robbing a store, stabbing an innocent woman to torture a safe combination out of her and leading to the deaths of the innocents around. Organizing a heist to steal a shipment of guns, Judge has his group massacre the passengers of a lorry bus and then double-crosses the hero Ko-Fei/Jeff as Jeff has a bounty on his head from a loan shark. Judge forces his own cousin Sam to try to murder Jeff, which also leads to an innocent family's death with the only surviving girl suffering horrible burns when Judge, in true psycho fashion, sets the entire house ablaze. Some time later, Judge reigns as a brutal crime boss and when Jeff resurfaces and steals Judge's shipment of guns, Judge furiously executes his own loyal henchwoman before trying to kill Jeff after torturing him with nonfatal gunshots, claiming his only regret is the two never got "one night together" first.
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  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Was poorly-received by Hong Kong audiences and underperformed in the domestic box offices, but for Western audiences it's somewhat of a Cult Classic, and frequently ranks highly among Lists of "Best Hong Kong Action Movies" ever.

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