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YMMV / Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland

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  • Best Boss Ever: Uncle Rupee
  • Cult Classic: It's the least known title in one of the best known franchises in gaming history next to the Big "M" himself, but most gamers that have played and beaten it would say it's a fun and unique game with interesting mechanics and a good story. The sequel, Balloon Trip of Love, is possibly better or slightly worse depending on your opinion on it's gameplay mechanics.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The fight with Captain Stalfos.
    Captain Stalfos: Har-Har-Har-HARRR!!! The human! You carried out all the tasks my useless crew set you... Then you saved this Hideaway from our most deadly enemy! Truly, you're made of the right stuff to be a pirate! But there's one problem... You've got too much flesh on your bones! Skull and bones! That's the pirate symbol! So, human, let's begin the ceremony... We'll soon get rid of that meat of yours! Become a skeleton! Become like us! Your screams as I strip the flesh from your bones will mark your birth as a pirate! As one of us!
    • Junglo's pet Mandrill seriously doesn't like Tingle. Especially when you use her as a bridge, and you are gonna have to do that a couple of times.
  • Squick: The good ending.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The ghost girl's story by the end of the quest to help the Guard/cure the Guard's wife.
    • The song playing in the Deku Tree, which is a version of Saria's Song from Ocarina of Time played as if it's merely an echo from long ago times.
    • The death of the Deku Tree. Allthough it is averted in that he momentarily stops dying because he forgot to reward Tingle for his help. Also, the Deku Sprout being all bold on fullfilling his role as the new Deku Tree, but not knowing what actually he is supposed to do because the former Deku Tree never told him, is not helping the drama.
    • The end of the map quest, when the old lady is revealed to have either died while you were away or have been dead when you first met her. Her ghost's purpose in the land of the living was her late husband's wish for them to run a successful map shop, so when that's done, she goes with a smile.
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    • The story of Baron.
  • That One Level: Insect Cavern. You can't see a thing. Even if you come across one of the few places you can buy a firefly's services and hope to pay enough to be lighted your time in the dungeon, it's hardly an upgrade. It's also one of the largest dungeons in the game and has some very tough enemies.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Political?: Some players have interpreted the game as having an anti-capitalist message. Tingle's progress, friendships, and even life are completely dependant on rupees. The goal of the game is to collect enough rupees to ascend to a materialistic utopia, which turns out to be a lie that Uncle Rupee only made up so that Tingle would continue to give him money. By the end, Uncle Rupee has enough money to ascend into a godlike state and turn everyone into his slaves. He can only be defeated by Tingle blasting him to death with rupees, which destroy him and causes rupees to rain down from the sky across the town.
    • The game can also be seen as critical of cults, which offer "enlightenment" or "salvation" in return for large sums of money, or ones where people advance through ranks in return for "loyalty"— or paying for enough seminars.


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