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YMMV / Fargo S 02 E 10 Palindrome

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  • Broken Base: The Reveal concerning Moses Tripoli, the Fargo mobster from season 1. We learn that Ohanzee Dent became him, having gotten facial surgery and forged his own empire. For some it's a great Call-Forward that ties into the themes of the season, as Mr. Tripoli's ambitions ultimately came to futility and it serves as a karmic end to Hanzee, the man who destroyed the Gerhardts with his treachery, as he is ultimately killed by Lorne Malvo because he was a nuisance. Others feel that the Call-Forward really stretches the suspension of disbelief with the Magic Plastic Surgery and feels too forced a way to link seasons 1 and 2 together. Couple that with the fact that Tripoli was one of the more uninteresting characters in season 1 and his death serves as an unsatisfying end to the more memorable Hanzee.
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  • Genius Bonus: "Palindrome," refers to a word that can be read the same backwards and forwards. The rise and fall of the Gerhardt's criminal empire is a Call-Forward to that of Ohanzee's own attempt at making his mark in the world. It will rise and fall, as empires have done time and time again. Hanzee's unnamed accomplice actually knows this and tries to warn him, but as we know in Season 1, Tripoli's Fargo Syndicate will be wiped out by Malvo. It also refers to the structure of the second season in particular, both starting and ending with a dead man, shot through the shoulder, in a freezer.

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