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YMMV / Eric Bogle

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  • Crosses the Line Twice: "I Hate Wogs", a jaw-droppingly racist song satirising the small-minded perceptions of Aussie bogan rednecks.
    • "Little Gomez" (see Out with a Bang on the main page) and "He's Nobody's Moggy Now", both songs poking fun at the gruesome deaths of housepets.
    If he tries to play on the roadway, I'm afraid that will be that
    There will be one last despairing "meow" and a sort of squelchy splat
    And your pussy will be slightly dead and very, very flat
    He's nobody's moggy
    Just red and squashed and soggy
    He's nobody's moggy now
  • Misaimed Fandom: Eric stopped performing his satirical song "I Hate Wogs" after being approached by a number of 'fans' who told him how much they loved the song, and how they hated wogs too. Perhaps distracted by the catchy chorus, they somehow missed the fact that the expresser of this sentiment in the song is clearly marked as an idiot and a hypocrite. One would think the fact that Eric is migrant who still speaks with a broad Scottish accent after more than 40 years in Australia might have been some kind of clue.

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