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YMMV / Devdas

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  • Les Yay - Chandramukhi and Paro's closeness and (at times) tension with one another in Bhansali's version (in other versions, including the book, they never even speak to each other). Kalibabu - a suitor of Chandramukhi's whom she constantly snubs - even says something like: "Landlords did keep whores, now even a lady of the manor [Paro] makes friendship in brothels!"
  • It Was His Sled - Everyone knows how this story ends just like everyone knows how the The Sixth Sense ended.
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  • Woobie - Should clearly be renamed Devdas. Just look at him.
  • What an Idiot! - Devdas. If he just stood up to his father, then Paro would not have been married to another.
  • One True Pairing - There are viewers that felt Chandramukhi and Paro would have made a much better couple.

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