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YMMV / Dark Elf Historia

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  • Game-Breaking Bug: The game has a few:
    • When the game was first released on Steam, losing to the Futanian Elder led to a cutscene that crashed the game. There are reports that this has been patched.
    • Losing to the Orc Boss in may or may not crash the game.
    • Late on the "Slave" path, there is an old man next to the guild hall in Kirtia. Talking to him causes the game to crash.
  • Narm: The English translation is so poor that it destroys the dramatic moments.
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  • Player Punch: The earliest entry on the "Sinner" path is a brutal rape scene that drags on for several uncomfortable minutes and ends with Fraylia having to go to the hospital.
  • Schmuck Bait: This game has at least two, although they're both so obvious that those who stumble into them probably do so deliberately.
    • In Rand City, there is a warehouse near the docks that's off-limits for most of the game, but which you are warned to avoid. Eventually, it becomes possible to enter it at night, where you find drug paraphernalia. Enter it again later on, and you find bandits hanging around. And if you actually decide to approach them, they jump you.
    • In Kirtia, there is a hot spring, and yet the young women nearby say that they won't go anywhere near it because it's coed and this is a prison full of rapists. Needless to say, entering the hot spring results in Fraylia getting jumped.
  • That One Boss: The fight with Vanessa in the "Slave" path is a variation - defeating her is easy, but deliberately losing to her is a massive pain in the ass. She has many high-level spells, but she burns through her mana very quickly, and has no way of replenishing it, and thus spends the rest of the fight relying on absurdly weak physical attacks.
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  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The basic plot - Fraylia attempting to make enough money to provide for Ruse while working in a country where racism and sexism are rampant - could have made for a more compelling story, but it's mostly an excuse for Fraylia to be constantly humiliated and degraded.

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