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YMMV / Cold War

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Zula is an evil, selfish and self-centered person that uses everyone on her way for her own, petty profit. Or she is just a simple-minded farm girl that is way over her head with the situation at hand, the political turmoil and being further tangled into a relationship she can't feasibly make workable.
    • Wiktor is a short-sighted, melancholic idiot who doesn't even know what he really wants from life. Or is he a loving, but weak-willed artistic soul who can't find his right place in the world thanks to over-thinking everything and pointlessly complicating his own life?
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  • Award Snub: Some were surprised that this wasn't nominated for Best Picture, despite it snagging Best Director for Pawlikowski. Joanna Kulig was also shut out of a lot of awards talk, despite her performance being well-liked as well.
  • Awesome Music: Zula performing Dwa Serduszka at a French bar that Wiktor usually plays at definitely counts as this.
    • The first choral rendition of "Dwa Serduszka" is just rapturous.
      łojojoj... łojojoj
  • Fandom Rivalry: Something of a minor with one Roma due to them both being similar (black and white period dramas by acclaimed directors that reflect aspects of their upbringing) and that Roma won all of the awards that this was nominated for come Oscar time.
  • He Really Can Act: Borys Szyc spend past decade or so on proving to everyone in Poland there isn't a job he won't take, if that means being paid and basking in the flashes of cameras. Him Adam Westing as Kaczmarek makes his performance all that stronger.

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