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YMMV / Chaos Seeds

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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Book 8 takes a break from Richter's battles, struggles to survive, and character progression to.... spend an entire chapter describing his diarrhea in detail. It's as pointless and tedious as it sounds.
  • Complete Monster: The Land: Predators: Heman is a seemingly-friendly man with a history in the "information-gathering business". Torturing main character Richter after using his mind powers to gain his trust, Heman reveals in the past he ordered the deaths of countless people and angrily murdered his own superior for denying his request to have a victim be put to death via crucifixion. Later gaining power over an army of monsters, Heman takes many prisoners; forcing women to sleep with him for their lives; repeatedly killed one until her life force was completely drained; and threatens to kill all the men and women in Richter's village and sell the children into slavery.
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  • Engaging Chevrons: Many of the sections dedicated to stats and progression, especially in the first book when a lot of it was the same thing repeated with only minor changes.

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