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The Land: Founding

  • This conversation:
    Richter: You never know until you try, and I have never believed that someone else could tell me what I could or could not do. I won't let my only friend in the world be told what he can't do either, even if he's the one doing the telling.
    Sion: You know that barely made any sense, right?
    Richter: I do realize that, yes.

The Land: Catacombs

  • Richter asks Alma if she thinks she's a little princess. She responds, "No, Master. I am a queen."
  • Richter uses a Special-level soul on a crystal garden, which has the unexpected consequence of everyone running for their lives from the rapidly-growing crystal.
    • Sion keeps asking what level soul stone Richter used, and Richter avoids the question for a bit because he feels foolish for not considering potential negative effects. Only later he realizes that it wasn't entirely his fault since some unexpected bonuses caused at least four months' worth of growth at once, which he immediately informs Sion about, causing them to bicker enough to bother Alma.
    • Futen got stuck during the growth, and when asked about it later he sounds suspiciously like he's giving Richter attitude when he speaks of Richter entombing him in crystal.
  • One of the potential penalties for Richter not completing the healing-hut quest in time is daily haranguing from Sumiko.

The Land: Predators

  • Several moments with Roswan:
    • Richter decides that in order for Roswan to become Dungeon Keeper, he needs to talk about himself for one minute. The result is pure gold.
    Roswan: I do not eat vegetables. That includes fish... because it is a vegetable. I also do not believe in drinking water. It is a beverage that does not try enough. Be whiskey or do not exist. I love riddles. I only have nine toes, and the most graceful animal on the planet is a mini-horse.
    Sion: You mean a pony?
    Roswan: No, son! A mini-horse!
    Richter: Okay. Is there anything else I should know? Are you ready for this responsibility?
    Roswan: I was born ready. I'm Ro-fucking-swan.
    • The first thing that Roswan builds in the dungeon? The "Egg Genesis Chamber", which is basically an apartment for himself complete with chicken coop.
    • The narration theorizes that Roswan's usual "grrrrmmm" grumbles must be some sort of higher language since Richter's Gift of Tongues ability can't translate it.
  • The platform that Richter and Sion are on begins to crumble and fall into the depths....
    You have to move, master! Alma screamed into his mind.
    You think? he shot back, scrambling to his feet.
    "We have to move!" he shouted to Sion.
    "You think?" the sprite spat.

The Land: Monsters

  • Richter reflects on his situation:
    Richter thought about it for a minute before regretfully shaking his head. Stuck underground without any help, access to medicine, or any other information, it was too big of a risk to eat these. This was especially true with the curse still hanging over his head. He didn't even have any shoes. This had nothing to do with eating the beans, but it was just sad and annoying.
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  • The difficulties of making a Bag of Holding:
    Why was this so hard? All he wanted to do was harness the fundamental power of the universe so that he could fold time and space into a pocket dimension for his own personal needs. Was that so much to ask? Really!

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