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YMMV / Blue Skies in Camelot

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  • Complete Monster: Charles Manson is a ruthless, megalomaniacal musician turned cult leader who will use any means to get what he considers the power he deserves. To achieve this end, he gathers followers in the Los Angeles area, establishing an insular commune known as the Manson Family. After failing to have Ronald Reagan assassinated, he decides to commit a serious of gruesome murders to start an apocalyptic race war he calls Helter Skelter, then take the reins of power in the aftermath. He and his followers first kill a drug dealer and a music teacher in the hopes that doing so would spark a deadly conflict involving the Black Panthers, then graduate to slaughtering several celebrities and Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in order to horrify the media and the general public. After following this up by killing a supermarket executive and his wife, Manson and his followers leave the Los Angeles area to commit more murders elsewhere, murdering an elderly ranch owner before they go in order to cover their tracks. As the law closes in on Manson while he attempts to flee to Mexico, he tries to get his lover "Mother Mary" Brunner to kill their infant son Valentine to make their escape easier. Cruel and brutal behind his charming demeanor, Charles Manson's horrific crimes sent two nations into shock and mourning.

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