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Quotes / Blue Skies in Camelot

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"They can say it all they want. Things can never be okay, again."
— Marylin Monroe's thoughts after breaking down, as the closing line of Chapter One

“It’s not snowing like it was last year, Jack. It’s warmer too. I think it’s a good sign.” She put her other hand over her husband’s and squeezed it tightly.
“There’s blue skies ahead for us, my love.”
—Jacqueline to John F. Kennedy, before his second inauguration (as seen in the main page)

Elvis: “Ann Margret, would you make me the happiest fella who ever lived, and marry me?”
Ann: “Yes! Yes, you rascal! A thousand times yes.”
— Elvis Presley proposing to Ann Margret, 1964

"I Love you, son”
— U.S President George Wilcken Romney's final words

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