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"I understand blues music, y'know? It's a wonderful story of people's disenfranchisement. 'I ain't got nuthin' and they've taken that away too! I haven't even got a guitar I'm strumming my fucking bellybutton here!' Wonderful names, all those guys, y'know: 'Blind Dead McJones'."
Dylan Moran on why Blues is better than Rap.note 

"We're here to play some Mississippi Delta Blues. We're in a horrible depression, and I got to admit... we're startin' to like it."
—- Nathan Explosion, Metalocalypse, "Bluesklok"

"The blues is a chair, not a design for a chair or a better chair . . . it is the first chair. It is a chair for sitting on, not for looking at. You sit on that music."

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