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YMMV / Bloodbones

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  • Complete Monster: Captain Cinnabar, aka Bloodbones, is the ruler of the Port of Crabs, and an evil pirate who raids villages along the coast of the Diamond Sea, slaughtering and enslaving those he encounters. Cinnabar raids the hero's village at Clam Beach, slaughtering almost their entire family and people, prompting the hero to seek revenge. To achieve immortality, Cinnabar serves the voodoo deity Quezkari and delivers people to become tormented, mindless zombies at the hands of the priestess Ramatu, while occasionally massacring entire ships and cursing their crews to living death, sailing the waves eternally. Cinnabar also feeds the souls of his victims to Quezkari in exchange for immortality, plotting to stop at nothing in order to become the immortal pirate lord of the waves where he may pillage and kill forevermore.

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