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YMMV / Black Blade

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  • Complete Monster: Victor Draconi is the sadistic head of the Draconi family and heroine Lila Sterling's Arch-Enemy. As a teenager, Victor attempted to lead the Draconi to annihilate the city's ruling families before being stopped by Lila's mother, Serena. Becoming a vicious murderer and torturer, Victor kills his enemies to take their abilities as his own and over the years tortures to death both of Lila's parents. His own family fairing no better, Victor keeps his wife and daughter around for their powers and regularly threatens and abuses them, with his wife beaten and starved. Attempting to take over the city by bloodbath with the power of the titular Black Blades, Victor responds to being foiled by massacring members of the Sinclair family before taking their matriarch hostage to torture. When Lila herself is captured by him, he has her electrically tortured before attempting to feed her to the same venomous snakes he used to kill her father as a dark form of irony for himself.

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