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YMMV / Bad Samaritan

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  • Complete Monster: Cale Erendreich is a wealthy sociopath who delights in breaking down his victims. Developing this philosophy after murdering his father's hired hand for rejecting him, Cale would abduct and torture women before tossing them into a pit laced with lye. When Sean Falco discovers his latest victim Katie Hopgood whilst searching his house, Cale slowly ruins his life, beginning with having him and his friend Derek fired from their jobs; uploading a risqué photo of Sean's girlfriend on Facebook and then brutally beating her; murdering Derek and his family to make it look like a murder-suicide; and forcing Sean to watch him shoot Katie into the lye pit, gleefully informing him that he'd bury him alive next to her after pinning his murders on him. Despite claiming to be motivated by correcting people, Cale is the embodiment of spite and pettiness.
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  • Nightmare Fuel: Jesus Christ, everything about David Tennant in this is un-nerving. EVERYTHING.

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